The Founders

Ryan Peterson is an award winning science instructor with eleven years of experience teaching a variety of courses to students from grades 8 – 12 in Brillion, Wisconsin.  His teaching assignment has primarily included physics and chemistry courses but since 2009 he has been increasingly involved with team-taught integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) instruction.  In 2007, Ryan was awarded an Innovative Use Grant from Vernier Software for his novel use of ultrasonic motion detectors to create topographic maps in his 8th grade Earth Science class.  Ryan’s students have received much press attention in recent years with their semi-annual cardboard boat races and with a solar-powered remote live-streaming camera that they have used to bring nesting birds into classrooms and living rooms across the country.  In 2011, Ryan received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Brillion Area Chamber of Commerce and in 2013 the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers recognized his work in the classroom and commitment to the profession with its Excellence in Science Education Award.

Steve Meyer is a Technology and Engineering Teacher with thirteen years of teaching experience.  Steve teaches a variety of classes including: Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, STEM, Engineering, Electronics and Robotics, Automation, etc.  He has taught at the high school, middle school, and is currently the STEM coordinator at the elementary school.  Steve has a broad-based education in mathematics, the sciences, and technology and has a passion for getting young people excited about learning.  He has been very involved in education initiatives at the local, state, and national levels such as a Wisconsin Technology Education Association District Representative, curriculum writer for project Probase, CATTS, and the STEM Academy, research assistant for the National Academy of Engineering, and has served on the board of directors for the International Technology Education Association.  Steve speaks around the country to schools, industries, and government officials on the power of STEM education.  From his work in teaching and promoting education, he has received numerous awards including Wisconsin Technology and Engineering Teacher of the Year from the WTEA, Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers Teacher of the Year, and recently the National Engineers Week Foundation Discover E Educator Award given to only three teachers across the country.  Steve’s real passion is his family; his wife Jen and two sons, Dane and Easton.

About STEMy Stuff

The Company


STEMy Stuff is an LLC partnership formed by Steve Meyer and Ryan Peterson in the summer of 2013 as a way for them to assist other schools, organizations and individuals to implementing quality Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) curriculum and projects.  STEMy Stuff will provide custom STEM curriculum and consulting to interested schools and organizations.  In addition, STEMy Stuff will provide material kits to assist in the implementation of their curriculum.  This frees teachers from searching around to find and purchase varied materials to support quality hands-on instruction and allows them to focus on what they do best – teach.  STEMy Stuff will also sell their material kits to interested clubs, organizations and individuals through their website and select retail outlets.  All of the work is student tested by real students in real classrooms and refined over a period of years.  The curriculum and products you get from STEMy Stuff work – we use it every day.