Do want kids to understand ____________________ and be able to _______________________?  Do you wish that your staff knew more about___________________?  We will help you to plan and teach it.  From schools to clubs and other educational organizations, our mission is to help folks feel STEM with their heads AND their hands.  If you would like us to help you write some engaging and dynamic curriculum to teach any particular aspect of integrated STEM, we're ready to help! Contact us!

STEM Teachers from Olympia and Pontiac School Distrcits form the Cornbelt STEM Alliance in Illinois.

We offer a variety of professional development options for your department or your entire staff.  We can train you on specific content and skills or we can put you through a general STEM education boots camp to teach you how to plan effective integrated STEM projects in your classroom and leave you energized and ready to start a STEMpede in your classroom!

Is your district interested in implementing quality STEM instruction?  Are you pursuing public/private STEM education partnerships?  Is a new STEM facility on the horizon?  We can help!  We have extensive background experience in planning and developing a STEM education vision for public school districts.  We will work with you each step of the way from dream to reality. 

Custom Curriculum

Speaking & Training

STEM Education Consulting